Android casinos, such as ) offer bonuses to attract new players. The latter use these virtual monies to make cool amounts of money. What are the different kinds of bonuses? Read everything about bonuses in this article.

About welcome bonuses

There are two kinds of welcome bonuses. In the first kind, you use your bonus only for playing games. You can't withdraw this virtual money at all. All the winnings go to your regular account.

  1. Bonuses are privileges and not rights.

In some cases, you can withdraw your welcome bonus. However, you will have to stake it by a certain factor before withdrawing it. You need to deposit some money for receiving a welcome bonus.

What is a wagering requirement?

Let's assume your bonus is $10 and the wagering requirement is 6x. This means you would have to stake $60 from your casino account on a game, before withdrawing your bonus amount. Please continue reading.

You can find all the approved games ( for wagering requirement) in the Bonus section of the casino homepage. Please note, you can't transfer your welcome bonus to others. Claim this money before it is too late.

Are there other bonuses?

Punters can receive other kinds of bonuses as well from their casinos. Let's look at the High Roller Bonus. This comes to you if you stake very big sums of money on your games.

Another bonus is Reload Bonus. You get this reward for topping your casino account regularly. Casinos award Reload Bonuses weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Your gambling website also rolls out cash backs for its players.

Social Media Bonus and Free Welcome Bonus

You can receive a Social Media Bonus by liking the social media page of a casino. Isn't this cool? However, you would have to agree to some conditions before using this reward. Read more on this subject.

  • Use your bonus wisely.

Some casinos hand out free welcome bonuses to their new players. You simply need to register on that casino to receive this reward. Please note that this bonus isn't 100% free as there is a wagering requirement.

Do casinos actually pay bonuses?

Oh, yes they do otherwise they won't stay in business for long. You can look up your casino's payment history before signing-up. Most Android casinos are fair about their bonus policies. These are published on the homepage.

Android casino are fair also because their games behave randomly. Every number that is generated is completely random and unpredictable. Nobody can rig these results because casinos are regularly monitored by third-party auditors. Please trust your gambling website.